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Trempet is a multidisciplinary institution of wide-ranging interests touching on many different fields such as computer science, philosophy, literature, religion, eroticism, sociology, cognitive sciences, physics, psychoanalysis, linguistics and politics.

Trempet is founded on the elective affinities of its members who have all committed to the following principles:
  • All moral judgements are immoral: no form of censorship, whether internal or external to Trempet, will be accepted.
  • The ideas and products developed by Trempet have no copyright on them. All texts, drawings, photos, films etc that are produced by Trempet can be used by anyone in any context without having to quote the source.
  • Both the person and the style take precedence over the ideas expressed: each member must defend the actions, ideas and positions of the other members even if he, personally, does not agree with them.
  • Teaching is not just a job: the teacher is a master of style with the right to speak freely without any constraints placed on him by either institutions or unions
  • The person who express an idea is as responsible for that idea as the person who transforms it into action.